Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hello Everyone !!

    My name is Oni Brewer and I am going to use this blog to chronicle my families life as off the grid homesteaders.  We are not fancy people and do not have lots of expensive equipment, but we have made a comfortable life living on the bare minimum. I tried to start the BlackBerry Holler Goat Farm Blog, but soon learned that it was a little different than I expected. I have decided to take a different approach with BlackBerry Holler Homestead and discuss all parts of our small homestead, not just the goats.
    Starting tomorrow I will start at the beginning and share parts of our lives that have never been shared before... don't worry.... nothing dirty :) ..... or at least not too dirty :) ! I will also be publishing a website at, discussing alternative energy and green living. Occasionally I will ask my husband to put in his two cents, as he is the one that does most of the physical work on the homestead.
   I look forward to sharing with you and hopefully learning together about how we can keep our plan clean and green.

Until tomorrow,


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