Friday, October 10, 2014

Flash-forward Friday........Happy Birthday to me!!

Good Morning!
Most of my blog is about telling you about our past, but today I am going to do something different, I am going to do a Flash-forward Friday

Today is my birthday, and I am super exited because my husband and I hardly ever get to have a date night (maybe once a year we get to go out without the kids). Boy do we have big plans for tonight! The kids are going to a Church lock-in, and John and I are going to dinner, Red Lobster dinner!!! I love Red Lobster but haven't been in almost 5 years!! 

No kids + fancy dinner = you know what????

  = Walking dead marathon, all night

Seriously though, I am excited to be able to share another birthday with my wonderful husband. Since it is my birthday I thought I would tell you a few things about myself in regards to homesteading.

1) I was raised in a very small town in Montana. My family didn't have much but my parents always made sure we had what we needed. Of those things we were very active in 4-H, community activities and in raising animals. I won't lie and say that I always enjoyed those times, because those times were hard and involved lots of chores I didn't like. But, I decided early on that I wanted to be a Veterinarian with an Equine specialty. I looked into colleges and started making plans. Things didn't work out the way I planned and I started a family instead.

2) I moved to TN with my mom when I was 19, a single mother with a 5 month old baby. I decided that Veterinary school wasn't feasible so I went to Surgical Technology School instead. I worked in my first career as a Surgical assistant for 10 years.

3) During this time I married and had more children. when my last child was born I became a stay-at-home mom and a homesteader. I did this for 7 years, until all the kids were well established in school.

4) I tried to get a job when Quincy started school, but the economy had declined and the field I was trained in had become saturated. So I decided that I would go back to school.. to be something... I didn't know what. My college counselor heard my dilemma and found the perfect second career for me. So in March of 2011 I started my journey towards a BA in Sustainable Enterprise Management with a Minor in Entrepreneurship. I hope to one day start my own green friendly, alternatively powered business. I also plan on getting my Master's degree in Environmental Education so that I can teach what I have learned from my experiences.

5) I am in my last year of College and only have 12 classes left, My husband inspired by my success at school decided that it was time for him to get his degree. He is now in his second year as a History major with the hopes of becoming a teacher.

 I love our life and homesteading, but there are some things that I miss, and would love to have.

1) Running water...It can be really annoying to have to haul water, it is especially annoying to have a load of dirty dishes that need washed and no water to wash them with.

2) Indoor plumbing... I hate snakes and there is nothing worse than having to follow a path in the deep dark of the night to relieve yourself. I have never seen one, but that fear is always there. And if you think hauling water is annoying than imagine how annoying it is to have to haul it, then put it on the stove and heat it, then carry it to the sink, then since we have no plumbing have to carry it back outside... On the plus side, dish water is really good for gardens.

3) The microwave... I really miss being able to quickly heat up a fast meal or bag of popcorn, but in reality it is probably a good thing.

Anyway, I guess that is enough about me. I promise to not go on about myself in my next post. Have a wonderful day and keep on homesteading :)

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